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Soumya Tilak is a professional Bharatanatyam artiste, noted for her expressive eyes, and graceful and elegant dance movements. Her performances have been well appreciated by art critics and connoisseurs and she has enthralled audiences in India, the Middle East and the United States, garnering several accolades along the way.


She is the prime disciple of the Bharatanatyam virtuoso, Dr. Vijay Madhavan, Founder and Artistic Director of Rechita Nrutyalaya, acclaimed for his brilliant choreography and immaculate presentation.

Soumya is the Founder and Artistic Director of Shreeja Dance Academy, California, and also the Founder and President of Nritya Samooha, a California Non Profit Organization.



Soumya Tilak Seshadri

San Jose, CA

US: +1 669 244 2408​ | +1 480 251 2408
India: +91 96770 65008


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